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PARENTS ONLY, please read the following and agree below please.

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Consent: Interaction with class teacher/head teacher(s)

I give permission for my child(ren) to interact with the classroom teacher/headteacher(s) and fellow classmates using the 'Zoom' (cloud meetings) app, including permission to communicate using microphone and camera.

Consent: Meeting scheduling 

I understand that by giving permission, ‘meetings’ will be occasional – by invitation only - and that 'attendance' will be sought only by my child’s/children's classroom teacher or teaching assistant.

Consent: Times of Video Conferencing

I understand that my child(ren) will only be invited to meet between the hours on 9:00am and 6pm, Monday to Friday during term time.

Consent: Adults downloading/running Zoom Software

I understand that Students under the age of 18 should not go to or any other website or app store to download the app or create an account because:

(i) they should only be joining Zoom meeting sessions as participants (not separate account holders) through ABCMath’s account;

(ii) minors are not permitted to create an account per Zoom’s Terms of Service.

Consent: Parent's Responsibility

I understand that as parent or guardian, I am responsible for supervising the suitability of my child’s/children’s online access, communication and the ‘home’ setting (wherever distance learning is taking place outside of school). This includes ensuring children have a quiet, safe space from which to meet (in an appropriate room), are wearing appropriate clothing, and that there are no age-inappropriate or unlicensed background noises visuals or moving images. I understand that only my child(ren) will join the meeting, and that adults and other children will not be permitted to partake without prior agreement by all parties. Parents are encouraged to supervise (but not appear on screen). Each meeting will end at the teacher’s discretion.

Consent: Teaching

I understand that classroom teachers will approach Zoom meetings as being an extension of the classroom learning environment. As such, classroom and school expectations, procedures, policies, and rules will be adhered to as normal - by teachers and children alike. Teachers will facilitate and lead all meetings and will follow ABCMath Academy's behavior policy and classroom rules

Consent: General Permission

I give permission for my child(ren) to experience and access learning resources, as deemed suitable and appropriate by the classroom teacher in the normal, recognized classroom learning environment.

By proceeding, I confirm I have read, understood and agree to the above, and that I confirm my consent to my child(ren) using Zoom as outlined.